New Beginnings - Gong Bath with Euphony

New Beginnings - Gong Bath in the Yurt Wednesday 3rd January 10am - 12pm/Saturday 6th January 3pm - 5pm/Sunday 7th January 11.30 am - 1.30am

Euphony invites you to a special New Year’s event, a “letting go”
workshop in the Yurt. Two hours of reflective experience, which will be
dedicated to deepening an understanding of what is happening in our body,
increasing awareness and gaining empowerment.

To enter this year with compassion for ourselves and others, we need to
understand that being able to let go is not only a process of the mind.
Unresolved stress and negative experiences are being stored and memorised in
our body by the nervous system. We can use sound to re-train our body,
deactivate our sympathetic response (fight or flight) and activate the
parasympathetic response (relax) of our nervous system by a process called
Submerged into the vibrations of the gongs we will aim at the root of our
beliefs, loosen blockages, move us out of the victim position and make us
able to take responsibility for our bodies and ourselves.

This toning session will last for about 1 hour, whilst you are lying down on
your mat wrapped up in a cosy blanket, surrounded by the warmth of the fire.
The Gong Bath will end with a Shamanic ShakeDown, a cleansing percussive
sequence that will set your life-energy back into flow. Some Qi-Gong
movements and breathing exercises will make you feel right at home in your
body again.

After this renewing sound healing journey you will be welcomed back with
herbal tea and refreshments.

Booking essential, spaces are limited.
Please contact Euphony:

Additional information:
£20 / wear comfortable clothes / please bring a yoga mat or similar, a
pillow and blanket